Cryptocurrency Today: Market rests… Top Gainers and Losers today.

The bears seem weary after the latest market sale-off this Friday. Let’s see how’s the aftermath so far.

The Biggest Gainers

Let’s start with some good news! I’ll cover only notable gainers of the last 24 hours: Stellar (XLM) & THORChain (RUNE) gained over 10% and are at the top, with Sui (SUI) not far behind with over 9% gain, next is XRP with a ~8% bounce back. Interestingly – top dogs like Bitcoin and Ethereum had little to none gains (~0.5 -0.6%).

Top Losers

Now, let’s move on to the top losers in the cryptocurrency market. There were no big red numbers in the top 100 list, according to, with the biggest loser being Bitcoin SV (BSV) losing a little over 3%, Hedera (HBAR) lost ~2%, and Shiba Inu (SHIB) with ~1.5% loss.


It seems the market has once again stabilised but the buy pressure is not high and the fear/greed index is 34. It’s too early to say if the bears are done with the assault as there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the space: latest crypto crackdowns around the world and rising US bond yields.

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